Marie Holmes

Carl came and did 2 bedroom ceilings for us yesterday. he arrived promptly before 10 when he told us he would be here for 10 to 10.30. he was done and finished both my bedrooms in less than 3 hours. but the quality is amazing. it really does feel like your looking up at the sky outside and seeing all the stars. we charged it up before bed at 7 with the uv light. it was still glowing away at 1am where i snuck in her bedroom and gave it another quick charge. i went into my daughters bedroom at 6.20 this morning and all the stars were still glowing away. pictures don’t show how amazing the ceilings are. to get the full effect you have to see it in person. my daughter has autism and epilepsy and wakes up numerous times a night crying and screaming. last night she woke up twice. the first time a small cry and straight back off the second was at 5.20 this morning for a drink then went back to sleep. i am tempted to get Carl back and do my own bedroom i love it so much. thank you for coming and designing the girls ceilings and been super friendly too. i would recommend to anybody 😁