The Health Benefits of Sleeping Under the Stars

From resetting your circadian clock to increasing your well-being, a Stargazers night sky ceiling mural will work wonders. Most of us spend too much time staring at this glowing screen and then have trouble sleeping, and new research hammers home the fact that technology is turning us into night owls. What do doctors recommend? Having your […]

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Covid-19 Lockdown.

How Much Screen Time is Appropriate before Bed Time? This is an ongoing argument between parents and kids. The quarantine has probably made it worse. Here is some helpful information. How much time a child or teenager spends on electronics is always a big debate between parents and their children. Many teenagers act like they […]

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National Autistic Society.

Having an impact on bedtime drama. For many months now it has been brought to my attention that the designing and creating of Stargazer Night sky ceiling mural has many benefits for people young and old with Autism. Originally this came about for a child that has a love of the stars and to aid and […]

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