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Now you really can have the bright night sky – on your ceiling – in your bedroom or in any other room in the house!
There is something to be said about a company who has brought cutting edge technology to the confines of your home, to enable you to fully experience the pleasures of sleeping under the stars but with none of the weather we have come to be used to in the UK.
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Night sky ceilings is a remarkable concept that has it’s foundation in the industry of night-lights. Night-lights are used by many people for many different reasons to help them sleep better or to guide their way in the night. Having a night sky ceiling overhead as you rest your head gives you that astonishing depth of imagination that only serves to bring you extraordinary dreams as you wander through the extensive corridors of time of the dreamworld.
You might be thinking; this is only for kids, surely?  Not at all.  The process involved in creating these wonderful ceiling  is done in such a way that the galaxies, systems and stars are given professional thought and realisation to ensure that you are not lumbered with those dreaded glow in the dark stickers…Glow in the dark stickers Yes, those slim packs of carded yellow or green star stickers that you used to be able to get down the local misc shop on a Saturday morning really are now a thing of the past.
At the time of their popularity you could have bought a number of packs and littered the ceiling with them believing you were creating a masterpiece.  But there are not many benefits that come with these little stickers.What really happens when you use Glow in the Dark Stickers…. It’s never nice to look in the mirror in the morning and see two moons and a star attached to your forehead – they have a tendency to un-stick themselves! They are bad education as if you have misplaced a star within a star sign for example you may go through your thinking Aquarius was a tiger – when it’s not.
With Marshall Night sky Ceilings you can open up a whole new world right above your bed and really have a window on the world.
We are passionate about the design work we achieve and the benefits that clients gain from the finished night sky ceiling.
The additional bonus from this creative concept is that the special application makes it virtually invisible in the day time and only becomes visible at night in the dark.

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