How to get a Sensory star ceiling within Budget.

Fluorescent or harsh lighting can hurt the eyes of a person with autism. Many say that they can see these types of lights flickering or hear them hum, which can be very distracting, possibly even painful. Due to these difficulties, it is best to use soft lighting where possible. Adjustable lighting in some rooms can be calming,Or the addition of a Night sky ceiling with hundreds of soft twinkling stars that will twinkle for up to 6 hours every night

It has been suggested that it is best to avoid using slatted blinds, particularly vertical ones, as these are distracting and may become the focus of obsessional behaviour, such as moving the head to create flickering sunlight. You may choose to use curtains, including blackout curtains, instead. If the person with autism has a tendency to pull on curtain rails, curtains can be held up with Velcro.


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