Sensory Ceiling For Autistic Bedroom Design.

Space For Rest
Sleep, insomnia and night-waking are hot topics in the autism community. Environmental factors can make a big difference in the quality of rest.

Blackout curtains
Paint the bedroom walls a dark color
Use a weighted blanket
Buy a mattress that doesn’t bounce and jiggle all night, such as a latex or memory foam mattress – and use a box spring with no bed frame
Use body pillows to encourage tummy sleeping or side sleeping, which can alleviate nighttime indigestion or certain types of breathing problems
Try to use the bedroom only for sleep, so that the mind automatically associates the room with rest
Limit the use of electric lights after sunset, and take a walk outdoors at dusk to boost natural melatonin levels in the body
The addition of a night sky ceiling enhances a calming tranquil environment as you lay under a blanket of soft twinkling stars.
The night sky ceiling is virtually invisible in the day light and has no change to the ceiling at all.

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