A make-over for your ceilings!


Ever looked up at your ceilings and thought what you could do with that plain white space!  Imagine looking up and seeing the stars!

We have recently had conversations with Carl Marshall of Marshall Nightsky Ceilings.  Wow-what a talent!  He can transform your plain ceiling into a thing of beauty.


During the day, the ceilings look plain white but in darkness, the stars appear to twinkle and the dust clouds seem to move mysteriously. Whilst the three-dimensional effect of the ceiling also appears to fall towards the bed by around three feet, creating a sense of immersion.

As we look to create a fresh new look within our home how many people look to the ceiling and imagine what they could add to create within this area that will truly complement a unique mind-blowing transformation that has no change to the original decoration and is virtually invisible in daylight.

Focusing on something, such as a sky full of stars, which the brain is unable to consciously analyze or tune into, encourages our minds to switch off and drift into a stress-free deep sleep.

Check out some of his work and testimonials here:

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