How do I get them to sleep?


So it’s all well and good knowing when your child needs to go to bed, but the next question is how you get them to sleep when they’re not tired.

With younger children, a trick to lure them to their bed is to offer them a ,Nightsky Ceiling this way you get to spend quality time together before they drift off. expand your child’s imagination while educating them under a star filled bedroom ceiling.


If you haven’t already, it’s also crucial to make sure your child’s sleep environment is quiet and dark, without noise and light which will disrupt their melatonin production. It might be helpful to make sure that there are no TVs in your child’s room.

Finally, it’s important to establish and maintain a regular sleep schedule, so whichever bedtime you opt for, try and stick to it every night so your child can establish a natural routine and drift off as soon as they hit the sheets!

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